Welcome to the Healthy Heart Guy Blog

Hello and welcome to the Healthy Heart Guy blog!

I started this blog to:

  • tell you the amazing story of how I survived sudden cardiac arrest in October 2009 while riding home on a New York City subway train during a Friday afternoon rush hour. I was clinically dead for about 25 minutes.
  • inform and educate you about sudden cardiac arrest (also known as sudden cardiac death).
  • provide you a ring-side seat to the challenges I experience and the distinctions I make as I try to become the “Healthy Heart Guy” and adopt more healthy ways to both live and think as I move forward through my “second chance” at life.

If I find something that works for me, I’ll tell you about it. If I try something that doesn’t work too well, you’ll also hear about that.

What would be really great is if, through this blog, I could actually make a difference in your life as I try to make a difference in my own life.

So, I truly hope you become a regular visitor to the Healthy Heart Guy blog!

Again, welcome and please share your own thoughts by leaving a comment at the end of each blog post.


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